Frozen Rope Putters

Amazing Design And Technology- Where it saves you shots!
The Frozen Rope Tour Project is here:

25 of the finest putters designed with no expense spared. The Iomic grips offered as standard will only compliment the upgrade if you choose the UST Frequency Filtered putter specific shaft. Milled from a single billet of S25 Carbon Steel block for the softest but oh so positive feel. The Frozen Rope prototype putter is milled into one of the sports most classical shapes, with a 4 o clock toe hang this is perfect in everyway possible. One of the best putters on offer at Maximus Golf. Order one now to experience one of the finest putters available in the U.K.

Head Weight: 350 grams

Lie Angle: 72 degree

Length: 33", 34", 35", 36"

Loft: 3

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