Frozen Rope Drivers and Fairways

Frozen Rope Titanium drivers with draw enhancing weighting options and high or medium launch characteristics
Maximus Golf is pleased to be one of the only Authorised Online Retailers for 2015 of the ground breaking Frozen Rope Drivers and Fairway Woods.
The Frozen Rope HCB iron is truly great and now the latest Frozen Rope Titanium Golf Drivers and Fairways are every bit as special.
Maximus Golf will custom build these Frozen Rope beauties before sending them safely and securely to your door.
The Frozen Rope Driver is available in Medium launch and High launch.  Therefore they are built to suit any ball flight trajectory and the internal weighting on the high launch driver to decrease a cut spin.  Frozen Rope have really thought of it all when it comes to clubs built for each individual!
Hit some Frozen Ropes now!

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