SeeMore Golf Putters

Maximus Golf is the UK's Official SeeMore Golf Stockist
There are ways of improving your game through technology with pretty much every club in the bag. Still the most traditional is the putter. The formula for the success here has always been a simple one and because this the range of options for a golfer has almost been limited. Traditionally, the only real way of changing a player's game has been through the redistribution of weight in the club head or the use of a different head shape altogether.

Seemore Golf putters offer you the opportunity to make adjustments to your game and lower your scores through the use of their ground-breaking Rifle Scope Technology. Unlike any other technology available today, Rifle Scope not only helps you out along the way but enables you to monitor and perfect your putting stroke every single time.

Not only do these putters offer the player the opportunity to lower their scores through Rifle Scope Technology; every head is cast from 100% stainless steel for unrivaled touch and feel around the green.

Owner's of Seemore Golf putters are in good company. Thousands of people have made the switch to join Zach Johnson who earned his green jacket in a dramatic battle with Tiger Woods using a Seemore putter. 

Maximus Golf is proud to be the Official UK Stockist of these amazing putters. Not only are we able to source any putter from Seemore's enormous collection, we are also able to fit them and show you how to get the most from them as an Official SeeMore Putter Institute (SPI).

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