Whitlam Golf Putters

Whitllam and Gauge Designs- Finest Putter Ranges at Maximus Golf!

Whitlam and Gauge Design Golf Putters are the most precisely milled putters in the golf industry. All David Whitlam putters are CNC Milled and conform to the USGA's strict guidelines governing the manufacture of golf equipment. Whitlam/Gauge Design Golf Putters are made entirely in America and are made in the tens, not thousands.
Maximus Golf are aware that Whitlam and Gauge putters are not the cheapest you can find. In terms of their build quality against anything on the market we believe they are second to none. They are made to give a lifetimes service and so represent fabulous value for money. Every Gauge/Whitlam putter that leaves California has been personally inspected by David Whitlam. Having designed it and perfected it, he knows better than anyone if it is fit to bear his name.
What you get with a Whitlam or Gauge putter is a superbly designed and crafted instrument that is not going to let you down. When you look down at a crucial putt, the integrity of the putter is wholly apparent and the confidence that gives is priceless. Making putters as David Whitlam and Gauge do; it is impossible to make them in thousands. Some of these putters exist in runs of less than fifty. Whitlam putters are as individual as you are and they are constantly developing these putters through a process of refinement. It is rare to see two of the same Whitlam or Gauge putters on a golf course at any one time. David Whitlam is happy about that fact!
We hope you buy a Whitlam or Gauge putter because you love the way it looks, love the way it feels and most of all love the way it plays. But whatever the reason, you will be joining a growing number of golfers who have found that nothing else comes close.
The David Whitlam / Gauge Design Putter Ranges are some of the finest putter ranges in The Maximus Golf arsenal. We are sure you will love these putters as much as we do and the 2015 models look better than ever!

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