Gauge Design Golf Putters

Gauge Golf Putters - Beautifully crafted putters from the amazing David Whitlam.
Gauge Design Putters are a blend of today's technology and yesterday's designs with some stunning precision manufacturing. These rare Golf Putters are the most precisely milled one piece constructed putters in the industry. All these masterpieces are CNC milled and conform to the USGA's strict guidelines governing the manufacture of golf equipment. In addition, all Gauge Design Putters are made entirely in the USA being personally inspected by David Whitlam. Are these the best putters in the World? Only you can decide that , but they certainly will appeal to golfers who know great putters when they see them and appreciate a no gimmick look with an unrivaled quality of manufacture. 
Maximus Golf rate these hand made putters as some of the finest golf putters available on the planet!" Make 2016 your year with a fantastic Gauge Putter. Contact us for any questions at 

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